Evil Musings
Giles: If you're saying I play favourites, you're wrong. I love all my children equally.
(Earlier that day)
Giles: ....I don't care for Xander.

Best of Stephen Kepler // Dollhouse 1.11 (x)

The many faces of Kate Beckett

Who am I?

"I know I know… I’d DEFINITELY win American Ninja Warrior. Game to go on the show whenever they’ll have me."

In a way, you have been the hero of the show. You’ve stepped up with social media, reaching out to the fans, really just being so accessible. I feel like in the same way that Ollie has not failed the city, you have not failed this show. Do you feel as responsible for the show as Ollie feels for Starling City?


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sarah manning [1/1]