Evil Musings


This thing coming after you, how bad on a scale of, say, one to Terminator?







women are fucking dying for catholicism due to not being able to get abortions in ireland, take texas and your whole fucking country and shove it up your worthless arse

Clearly, the person who said…

Why the fuck do you people not care about all the babies that die as a result of abortions?

(I’m probably going to get asked to leave Tumblr for saying that *sigh*)


they’re not babies. they’re only ‘alive’ as much as a tumour would be

Right right. We care about the life of a fetus, even when it’s the size of a damned period, more than we do about the life of an actual human being with friends and family. And obligations. And possible other kids to take care of. A+


Anya: “Buck up, you. You kill the best. Go you. Kill, kill.”

Buffy: “Actually not needing validation right now, but thank you.”

First of all, I love you. I do. And you’ve helped me through a lot. We got here together with a beautiful little boy. I was thinking of a poem before when I was getting ready. I think it starts: I carry your heart in my heart. I’m never without it. Anywhere I go, you go. I’m probably messing the whole thing up, but I think the end goes, and this is the wonder that keeps the stars apart. I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart. So I guess what I’m saying is: let’s just try to love each other and persevere.

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