Evil Musings

Castle: No, it was someone you care about, it was someone you loved. And you probably could have lived with that but the person responsible was never caught.

Castle: And that Detective Beckett, is why you are here.

Norah at podium training for Pac Rims

It must be exciting to flit from one camp to the next, serving whichever Lord or Lady you fancy.

"Well, I can’t compete with a dead man, but if you think your life would’ve been better with Will, you are kidding yourself. I’m not gonna let you throw away this marriage because you have some idealized notion of a man who you’re not even sure cared about you!"

Whenever you’re tempted to bring up Will’s death and credit my behavior to it— resist.
Diane “Sassy Badass Boss Lady Who Takes None of David Lee’s Shit” Lockhart (via ohwillgardner)

Will really mattered to you.